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Burger Molds

The Perfect Patty Shaperz™ molds are designed to produce the perfect hamburger in various patty shapes. The cuber attachments score the patty to provide the most even cook and juiciest burger.

Burger Blog

Learn what you need to know about making the best burger, and not just out of beef! Remember the chicken, turkey, fish – the possibilities are endless. Oh and don’t forget the toppings!

Grilling Tools

Learn the tools you will need to make your best burger. We let you know how the reviews stack up so you know what you will need for your best grilling experience. And not just for the grill!

What is the Perfect Patty Shaperz?

The Perfect Patty Shaperz™ is all about making different kinds of burgers and patties, trying different methods and all kinds of toppings. We are Robin and Bob, and if you are like us, you love to grill with family and friends. This said, Bob has worked for 15 years at a plant that produces 87 Million pounds of hamburger each year so he knows a little bit about making a burger! Bob loves developing products that we get to share with others so they can shape some memories with the people they care about. So he came up with the idea of the Perfect Patty Shaperz™ watching high speed equipment producing all kinds of burgers in difference shapes and sizes, and thought this would be a really fun tool to give you the ability to make various kinds of restaurant quality products right in your home or at your own grill. Plus, we provide videos and recipes about making burgers and the technical side of burgers. Also check out the burger blog for all information about making your best burger. Thank you for visiting the Perfect Patty Shaperz™. Enjoy your visit and let us know your thoughts and ideas!